Still Standing (2012)
1. No More Looking Over My Shoulder
2. Brighter Day
3. Heaven
4. Been Through the Water
5. God's Got Something Good
6. Ebenezer
7. If There's No God
8. If I Were Jesus
9. Love Speaks for Itself
10. Something's Wrong with the World

image001                   Stir It Up (1992)
1. Change The World,
2. Taking Your Love For Granted,
3. We're All Looking,
4. Testify,
5. Put The Weight On My Shoulder,
6. Standing On The Rock Of Love,
7. Stir It Up,
8. I Believe In You,
9. My Faith Stands,
10. Change The World [Reprise]
image002 Big God (1991)
1. Big God,
2. Take Me There,
3. Nothing Less,
4. What Can I Do With This Love,
5. Rescue Me,
6. Streams In The Desert,
7. Closer Than A Brother,
8. All The Paths,
9. Carry Your Heart To Me,
10. Stand On The Rock
image003 Love Still Changing Hearts (1990)
1. Big Ball Turning,
2. Love Can Make It Happen,
3. Come Into My Life,
4. Original Love,
5. I Will Follow You,
6. It's Raining Again,
7. It's Gonna Be Alright,
8. Love's Still Changing Hearts,
9. Come Let Us Worship,
10. Goin' Away,
11. Platinum Medley
image004 Free The Fire (1988)
1. Free The Fire In Me,
2. Wild Geese,
3. City In The Sky,
4. You,
5. The Boss,
6. Higher Things,
7. Rest In Your Arms,
8. Let It Go,
9. Better Than I Know Myself,
10. Touchin' Me,
11. I Just Came To Praise The Lord
image005 This Year's Model (1987)
1. Holding On [First Love],
2. Fallin',
3. Warriors,
4. How Do I Get You?
5. Wings Of Love,
6. Power Of God,
7. Outlander,
8. Get Ready,
9. Devoted To You
image6 Let The Wind Blow (1985)
1. In The Promised Land,
2. Bread Of Life,
3. Let The Wind Blow,
4. Jericho,
5. The Deeper Meaning,
6. Sing For Joy,
7. Today,
8. Taking The Time,
9. Miracles,
10. Not To Us, O Lord
image007 Sing The Classics (1984)
1. Home Where I Belong,
2. We Are The Reason,
3. Easter Song,
4. El-Shaddai,
5. We Shall Behold Him,
6. Because He Lives,
7. Through It All,
8. The King Is Coming,
9. Praise The Lord,
10. He Never Changes,
11. Rise Again
image009 Side by Side (1983)
1. Sound His Praise
2. Even the Praise Comes from You
3. Built to Last
4. I Need to Feel Your Touch Again
5. All I Need
6. You're the Only Jesus
7. Best of My Life
8. Jesus Never Fails
9. Through Your Eyes
10. Good Shepherd
11. Keepin' My Eyes on You
12. Once and for All
13. They See God There
14. Great is Your Faithfulness
15. Wait Upon the Lord
16. Here on the Rock
17. Make My Heart Your Home
18. Promise to Promise
19. All Because You Love Me
image010 Stand By The Power (1982)
1. Stand By The Power,
2. Somebody New,
3. Part Time Servant,
4. This Heart,
5. Lord Of The Harvest,
6. Under His Reign,
7. Never Get Enough Of Your Love,
8. How Can You Live,
9. All For The Asking,
10. Because Of Who You Are
image011 Christmas with the Imperials (1980)
1. Child Of Love
2. It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
3. Mary's Little Boy Child
4. Immanual
5. O Come All Ye Faithful
6. Christmas Praise
7. Silent Night
8. What Child Is This
9. O Little Town Of Bethlehem
10. Oh Holy Night
image012 Priority (1980)
1. The Trumpet Of Jesus,
2. Finish What You Started,
3. I'd Rather Believe In You,
4. Any Good Time At All,
5. Be Still My Soul,
6. There's No Time Til You Take It,
7. Pieces,
8. Into My Life,
9. Seek Ye First
image013 One More Song For You (1979)
1. What I Can Do For You,
2. I'm Forgiven,
3. All My Life,
4. Living Without Your Love,
5. Eagle Song,
6. Closer Than Ever,
7. One More Song For You,
8. Higher Power,
9. More Like You
image014 Heed the Call (1978)
1. Overcomer,
2. Praise The Lord,
3. Oh Buddha,
4. Old Man's Rubble,
5. Heed The Call,
6. Let Jesus Do It For You,
7. Growin' Stronger,
8. First Morning In Heaven,
9. Whenever I Speak His Name,
10. My Mind Forgets A Million Things,
11. He Didn't Lift Us Up To Let Us Down
image015 Imperials Live (Baylor University) (1978)
1. Sonshiny Day,
2. Bread Upon The Water/ Bread Upon The Water [Reprise],
3. New Creation,
4. Your First Day In Heaven,
5. Lead Me Gently Home Father,
6. I Love The Way You Love,
7. He Touched Me,
8. Sail On,
9. How Great Though Art,
10. The Old Gospel Ship/ The Old Gospel Ship [Reprise]
image016 Sail On (1977)
1. Water Grave,
2. Satisfaction Guaranteed,
3. Gotta Watch, Gotta Pray,
4. More Each Day,
5. There Will Never Be Any Peace,
6. Sail On,
7. Keep On Walking,
8. Sonlight,
9. Bread On The Water,
10. Try Again
image017 The Lost Album (1977)
1. Sonshiny Day,
2. New Creation ,
3. Earth, Our Island Home,
4. Soon and Very Soon,
5. We Are The Band, But He Is The Music,
6. The World Didn't Give It To Me,
7. In The Same Old Fashioned Way,
8. Closer To Jesus,
9. I Love The Way You Love,
10. Sonshiny Day [LIVE Version]
image018 Just Because (1976)
1. Just Because He Loves You,
2. Jesus Came Into My Life,
3. Love, It Comes In All Colors,
4. Sweet Jesus,
5. He Made My Life Come Together,
6. He's Coming Back,
7. He Loves Me So,
8. David's Psalm,
9. Sunny Day,
10. Sometimes Alleluia
image019 No Shortage (1975)
1. No Shortage,
2. Give Them All To Jesus,
3. Would You Believe In Me,
4. Holy Spirit, Speak To Me,
5. My Child, Welcome Home,
6. Someday [It May Be Tomorrow],
7. I Just Came To Praise The Lord,
8. Let Us Love One Another,
9. Light At The End Of The Darkness,
10. There Must Be A Better Way
image020 Follow The Man With The Music (1974)
1. He's On His Way,
2. More [Than You'll Ever Know],
3. If My People Will Pray,
4. The Secret [I Met God In The Morning]
5. Spread A Little Love Around,
6. God's Mighty Peace,
7. Jesus Got A Hold Of My Life,
8. Why Me,
9. God's Love,
10. Reach Out And Touch,
11. Two Hands,
12. Follow The Man With The Music
image021 Imperials Live (Double Album) (1973)
1. Time To Get It Together,
2. A Thing Called Love,
3. Sweet, Sweet Song Of Salvation,
4. I've Got Confidence,
5. Think About What Jesus Said,
6. Day By Day,
7. He's God/ The Whole World In His Hand/ Put Your Hand In The Hand/ Joy To The World,
8. Teach Your Children,
9. You Should Have Come Sooner,
10. Old Gospel Ship,
11. On The Other Side,
12. Invocation,
13. Jesus Made Me Higher,
14. One Solitary Life,
15. Oh Happy Day,
16. Jesus,
17. God Speaking To You,
18. I Have Decided To Follow Jesus
image022 Imperials (1972)
1. A Brighter Day,
2. Slow Down,
3. Gospel Ship,
4. Can We Get To That,
5. Didn't He Shine,
6. Heaven Help Us All,
7. Beautiful,
8. Look What You Have Done To Me,
9. You Should Have Come Sooner,
10. Invocation
image023 Gospel's Alive And Well! (1970)
1. The First Day In Heaven,
2. The Old Rugged Cross Made The Difference,
3. God Speaking To You,
4. Medley: When We All Get Together, With The Lord/Oh Happy Day,
5. I Believe,
6. Let There Be Peace On Earth,
7. Sheltered In The Arms Of God,
8. Come Along With Me,
9. If That Isn't Love,
10. Bridge Over Troubled Water,
11. Getting Ready Today,
12. Sweet, Sweet Spirit
image024 Time To Get It Together (1970)
1. He's Got The Whole World In His Hands,
2. Put Your Hand In The Hand Of The Man,
3. Rock Of Ages,
4. Bridge Over Troubled Waters,
5. My Sweet Lord,
6. Let It Be, Amen,
7. Sweet Song Of Salvation,
8. Time To Get It Together,
9. Teach Your Children,
10. This Train,
11. Jesus Made Me Higher,
12. Everything Is Beautiful
image025 Love Is The Thing (1969)
1. A New World, A Quiet Place,
2. Love Is The Thing,
3. People Got To Be Free,
4. Love Like The Sun,
5. He Touched Me,
6. God Speaking To You,
7. For Once In My Life,
8. The Cross,
9. I've Got Confidence,
10. Sweet, Sweet Spirit,
11. I Looked For Love
image026 New Dimensions (1968)
1. So Many Times,
2. His Name Is Wonderful,
3. We've Got A Great Big Wonderful God,
4. Walk With Me, He's Everything To Me,
5. The Impossible Dream,
6. On The Other Side,
7. Marvelous Grace,
8. Exodus,
9. I Know Who It Is [with Jake Hess],
10. I Will Lean On His Arm,
11. I'm Gonna Be There
image027 Now (1968)
1. Spiritual Medley: Great Gettin' Up Morning/GoodNews,
2. Reach Out To Jesus,
3. He Never Sleeps,
4. A Thing Called Love,
5. How Rich I Am,
6. Have Faith And Keep On Movin',
7. Talkin' About The Love Of God,
8. The Way,
9. The Truth,
10. The Live, Swing Low/Swing Down Chariot,
11. Hymn Medley: Must Jesus Bear The Cross Alone/Turn Your Eyes On Jesus/Nearer My God To Thee,
12. A Song Was Born,
13. I'll Follow The Sun
image028 To Sing Is The Thing (1967)
1. Heaven Came Down & Glory Filled My Soul,
2. Come On and Sing,
3. Believing In Jesus,
4. The Good Book Song,
5. To Be With God,
6. I've Got It,
7. Wilderness Song,
8. These Hands,
9. Jesus, I Believe What You Said,
10. The Savior I Sing Of Today,
11. He Lifted Me,
12. Glory Land
image029 Inspirational Classics (1966)
1. You'll Never Walk Alone,
2. Standing In The Need Of Prayer,
3. It Is No Secret,
4. Somebody Bigger Than You And I,
5. The Lord I Worship,
6. I Believe,
7. Climb Every Mountain,
8. The Bible Tells Me So,
9. I'll Let Nothing Separate Me,
10. I Asked The Lord,
11. No More Alone,
12. He
image030 Sing Their Favorite Hymns (1966)
1. My Faith Looks Up To Thee,
2. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus,
3. Jesus Will Walk With Me,
4. 'Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus,
5. Did You Think To Pray?,
6. Cleanse Me, Win The Lost,
7. The Last Mile Of The Way,
8. Open My Eyes That I Might See,
9. When I Survey,
10. Pass Me Not,
11. America, The Beautiful
image031 He Was A Preachin Man (1965)
1. He Was A Preachin' Man,
2. Hide Me In The Palm Of Your Hand,
3. That's How I KNow,
4. Faith And Prayer,
5. Lord, I've Got Some Singing To Do,
6. Then I'll Know That You Know,
7. The Greatest Of These Is Love,
8. I couldn't Begin To Tell You,
9. I Don't Need To Understand,
10. One God,
11. What A Difference,
12. A Rich Man Am I
image032 Slaughter Writes, Imperials Sing (1965)
1. I'm Going To Move Up To Heaven,
2. What A Precious Friend Is He,
3. I'll Be There,
4. If The Lord Wasn't Walking By My Side,
5. There's A Reason For It All,
6. For Such A Time As This,
7. God Takes Good Care Of Me,
8. It's Worth More Than Anything,
9. Then The Answer Came,
10. I'll Never Forget,
11. I've Never Loved Him Better,
12. A Place Of Peace
image033 Slightly Regal (1965)
1. The First Day In Heaven, Heaven,
2. Precious Friend Of Mine,
3. The Wonder,
4. Lead Me Home,
5. Only Forever,
6. I Wouldn't Take Nothin' For My Journey Now,
7. Because He Loved Me,
8. As I Talked To THe Master,
9. His Grace Is Sufficient For Me,
10. At The Alter,
11. I Get A Little Closer
image034 Talent Times Five (1965)
1. Keep Smiling and Singing a Song,
2. Faith Unlock The Door,
3. I Know Who Holds Tomorrow,
4. Closer To Thee,
5. Until Then, Lonely Mile,
6. Everything's Already Alright,
7. Meet Me In The Promised Land,
8. I'm The Least In The Kingdom,
9. Since I've Been Born Again,
10. Little Is Much When God Is In It,
11. Don't Take Your Eyes Off The Savior,
12. They Tore The Old Country Church Down
image035 The Happy Sounds of Jake Hess and the Imperials (1965)
1. Keep On Holding To Those Nail Scarred Hands,
2. I'd Rather Live In The Valley,
3. How Great Thou Art,
4. My Wonderful God,
5. Devil's Ground,
6. He Touched Me,
7. Til There Was Jesus,
8. Jonah,
9. Walk With Me,
10. When I Prayed Through,
11. Do You Need A Friend?,
12. Sweet Jesus
image036 Blends and Rhythms (1964)
1. Born Again,
2. Know I'm Under His Care,
3. I Can Feel The Fire,
4. Just To Know He Cares,
5. I'm On My Way,
6. The Sunset Valley,
7. Lord I Need You,
8. David and Goliath,
9. But For The Grace Of God,
10. A Brand New Feeling,
11. My Home,
12. If God Be For You
image037 Fireside Hymns by the Imperials (1964)
1. No, Not One,
2. There Is A Fountain,
3. Sweet Hour Of Prayer,
4. My Jesus, I Love Thee,
5. Wonderful Peace,
6. Near To The Heart Of God,
7. When The Roll Is Called,
8. Face To Face,
9. He Hideth My Soul,
10. Who At My Door Is Standing,
11. The Lily Of The Valley,
12.Must Jesus Bear The Cross Alone
image038 Jake Hess and the Imperials (1964)
1. That's Enough
2. It's Not the First Mile
3. There's a Reason
4. There's One
5. Beautiful Isle of Somewhere
6. Wait for Me
7. Then the Answer Came
8. Peace of Mind
9. Nobody
10. Sweet Jesus
11. Praise for the Lord
12. If Everybody Prayed
image039 The Illustrious Imperials (1964)
1. Don't You Want To Go To Heaven?
2. Chapel In The Sky
3. Forever With Jesus
4. Sin's Dark Sea
5. Don't Point Your Finger At Somebody
6. Love Is The Key
7. Lonely Road Up Calvary's Way
8. Sweeter Than The Day Before
9. Before I Met Jesus
10. If You Believe, Spread The News
11. It Matters To Him About You

Discography Samples

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